Purchasing NU-Tech Commercial License

So you have decided to use NU-Tech for your business! GREAT! Which License to choose? Not sure about which license best fits your needs? Would you like to use another payment method?
Contact us! We'll be pleased to help you.

Do you need a NU-Tech based stand-alone application? Are you planning to use NU-Tech on an embedded system and would like to automate some functionalities (start/sop streaming, load configuration, set parameters)?
Contact us! We'll be pleased to help you and provide a custom solution!

No need for a GUI but just maximum performances? Are you thinking of porting your NU-Tech Application to different platforms?
You definitely need NUKe (NU-Tech Kernel) and NU-Module technology: a powerful set of APIs can be used to control NUTS graphs and perform complex tasks. NU-Modules provide a straightforward solution to build stand-alone applications or drive automated procedures.
Contact us! We'll be pleased to give you further details!

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