NDK: NU-Tech Satellites Development Kit

What is a NUTS?

  • NUTS is an acronym standing for "NU-Tech Satellite". The graphical representation is a white rectangle with a variable number of pins, and it is the elementary unit of a network.
  • From a developer point of view it is nothing but a plug-in, a piece of code; a basic set of NUTSs is provided together with the software but custom plug-ins can be created and loaded in very few steps.
  • The NU-Tech SDK allows to develop user defined NUTSs in C/C++ in few steps

  • The NDK manual guides through the developing of a simple NUTS: no particular knowledge is needed to build your first plug-in.
  • A good experience in C/C++ programming is required to fully exploit the potential of this NDK.
  • Knowledge in visual programming is also of help but not essential.
  • This NDK involves only conventional programming techniques: all the complexity remains hidden and the developer will have to concern himself exclusively with algorithms.
  • The developer is completely free to adopt any programming technique he is familiar with, extending the functionalities of his NUTS with no particular limitation.

The NU-Tech RealTime Watch (RTWatch)

  • NUTSs are not compelled to provide a settings window. To ease the developer in quickly creating new NUTSs without having to deal with GUI programming, NU-Tech provides a window called "RealTime Watch" to be associated to each NUTS.
  • In brief, the developer can choose, by code, to "expose" some NUTS' internal variables on this window, and effectively control his plug-in.
  • The window is nothing but a tab on the NU-Tech bottom Multitab pane that automatically appears when at least one parameter is exposed by the developer.

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