Audio Applications

NU-Tech represents a powerful DSP platform to validate and real-time debug complex algorithms, simply relying on a common PC.
Thanks to an easy plug-in architecture, the developer can write his own NUTSs (NU-Tech Satellites) in C++ and immediately plug them into the graphical interface design environment.

Target Applications

  • Multi Microphone acquisition scenarios
  • Algorithm testing
  • Demonstration platform for the early stage of development
  • Complex routing structures

Examples of Scenarios where NU-Tech adds a real boost in terms of Time to Market:
  • Beam-forming
  • Line-array speakers (see figure)
  • AEC
  • Multichannel Automotive audio sytems


  • Build a new stand-alone application with limited effort without designing it from scratch
  • Test your algorithms within NU-Tech, save your configuration and use it in your code
  • NUTSs are standard DLL files: ease of updating your application
  • Create your own application under NU-Tech and distribute it
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