A NU-Module is a configuration of NUTSs managed by a high level logical layer which also handles all the NU-Tech actions (starting streaming, making connections, etc.). A powerful set of APIs can be used to control NUTS graphs and perform complex tasks. NU-Modules provide a straightforward solution to build stand-alone applications or drive automated procedures.

Complex GUIs can be easily managed using NU-Tech framework and its NU-Module architecture. Each graphic control is bound to the NUTSs variables handled by the underneath platform. GUI and algorithms are separately developed and maintained. A set of high level functions, makes easier and faster the development of an application from scratch.


NU-Tech Kernel: the compact NU-Tech engine portable to different platforms on request. No GUI for maximum performances.


A guided procedure to keep NUTS libraries sybchronized between different NU-Tech applications on the same network. Fast and easy redistribution of new NUTS.


A remote control mode allows the discovery of other NU-Tech applications on the network. The user can connect to a remote Board - which is locally virtualized - and easily control it


NU-Tech provide a Profiling Window indicating:
  • Time Consumption of all the NUTSs Process Functions
  • Percentage of time slot (ex. FrameSize/Fs) used for Processing


  • RealTime Watch managing procedures: very Flexible and effective way to add/delete/modify RTWs
  • Manual/Automatic update (event driven, time driven)
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